1. Xtralis alert customers that the VESDA LaserCompact ("VLC") and LaserPlus ("VLP") will retire from December 31, 2019. There will be two years official support after this date. Building and asset owners should consider options if they are considering the installation of a new VLC or VLP. Xtralis offer a compatible alternative from the VESDA-E range.Aug, 2019
  2. A terrible tragedy occurred early this morning here in Melbourne, when a man died in a home fire that the fire brigade believe was caused by a discarded cigarette. Cigarette likely caJan, 2019
  3. UpdateAug, 2018
  4. Around the world, there is a move toward a International Standard for Acoustics-Audible Emergency Evacuation Signal, also known as a "Temporal-Three, T-3 or Temporal Tone".Aug, 2018
  5. The American National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has released a study on August 1 illustrating the number of people who die from fire in the USA.Aug, 2018
  6. In April, 2006 we updated the Firewize website to a new content management platform and started to produce content (a lot of content) and today, we have undertaken a significant update of our Aug, 2018
  7. According to the Product Safety Section of the ACCC, Simplex Fire Products, a division of Tyco International have recalled photoelectric smoke detectors and sensors effective 04/09/2006.Sep, 2006
  8. According to Melbourne Age journalist Carol Nader last Friday (August 25, 2006) the Victorian aged care centres cop flakAug, 2006
  9. The new Victorian Building Regulations 2006 are now in force and feature important changes for the Victorian building industry including changes to;Aug, 2006
  10. The seems to be a groundswell movement by various groups to force cigarette manufacturers to produce fire-safe cigarettes.Aug, 2006