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Our systematic approach means that we will work with you to develop a maintenance solution for your building or portfolio.

We have been helping building owners, facility managers, and owners corporations for over 20 years keep their buildings safe from fire and managing compliance. We use Australian Standard AS 1851:2012 as the basis for routine servicing and build on it to provide amazing value.

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To help us prepare a solution for your routine servicing, we really value having access to the maintenance schedule also known as a maintenance determination or Occupancy Permit for your building. Typically this is a document you have received from your Building Surveyor.
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AS1851 Test Record Checklist

The routine servicing of fire protection systems and equipment is a statutory obligation in Australia. The requirement varies for each state and territory however the obligation is generally the same.  That obligation is to provide a safe environment from fire or other emergencies for the occupants of buildings.

Australian Standard AS1851 establishes a framework for the routine servicing (inspection, test and preventative maintenance) of fire protection systems and equipment.

If you have been searching for an option for your fire protection maintenance, then we believe we can deliver you a solution that delivers on our promise; "great value fire protection maintenance delivered by competent and reliable fire safety professionals".