1. Cost -saving priorities by owners' corporations often compromised safety maintenance. The priority is usually in respect of maintenance, how can we get it done cheaper and who is the cheaper maintenance provider? ~ Commander Mark Carter, Melbourne Fire Brigade. Sep, 2019
  2. In Victoria, an occupancy permits are documents that signify that a building surveyor is satisfied and has approved your building as being suitable for occupation. This article discussed the features of an Occupancy Permit and common mistakes in them that can adversely affect building owners. Jul, 2019
  3. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics: Australian Social Trends 2000 "in 1998, 123 people died from accidental fire or flame injuries. Of these, 70 occurred in a home fire. While total deaths from fire fell by 47% from 1968 to 1998, deaths in private dwelling fires only dropped by 20%" Feb, 2019
  4. Standards Australia has just published the second edition to Australian Standard, AS4428.9-2006 Fire detection, warning, control and intercom systems - Control and indicating equip Feb, 2019
  5. The move in Australia towards fire safe cigarettes is a little closer today with the federal Attorney-General Philip Ruddock agreeing to ask the Treasurer to introduce the standard; Feb, 2019
  6. The China Fire Protection Association (CFPA) recently held their annual conference and exposition in  Feb, 2019
  7. On November 29, 2017 the Office of the Chief Officer of both the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) and the Country Fire Authority (“CFA”) released a letter to building owners fitted with Alarm Signal Aug, 2018
  8. The previous AS1851 comprised a suite of individual documents, parts 1 to 16 which have now been amalgamated into a single standard, AS1851-2005. Twelve months on, what have we learned? Aug, 2018
  9. Here's an interesting article from Janelle Walker a staff writer for the Suburban Chicago News regarding sham fire extinguisher inspections. Aug, 2018