Our business was founded over a coffee, and the reward for our first team goal was an espresso machine. Today we still have that same espresso machine and our team remain goal oriented. We love what we do and believe we can truly help building owners ensure their fire safety systems are reliable and working.

At Firewize we believe that there is a better way to perform fire protection systems maintenance in buildings, that ensures the safety of occupants, aids compliance and helps prolong the life of their building investment for discerning building owners.

We achieve this by focusing and delivering fire protection maintenance that is consistent with the intent and purpose of the Australian Standard AS1851 for the routine servicing of fire protection systems and equipment.

We focus on principles, standard operating procedures, education and skills to find and develop our team.

Along the way we educate building owners and agents of owners, making complex fire safety issues easier to understand and within reach of good quality, well researched decisions.


Established in 2001 Firewize is widely regarded for our extensive knowledge and experience helping discerning building owners keep their buildings safe from fire.  Our systematic approach leverages Australian Standard AS1851 and builds upon it to deliver competent and reliable fire protection maintenance.

With a history in fire protection, our story began in the middle of 2001 where our first order was to replace an occupant warning system in a nursing home.  From there, things grew quickly and by the end of the year, we had been engaged by Victoria's largest healthcare network to take responsibility of their fire protection maintenance.

Over the next 5 years our reputation grew in the health care sector to arguably become Victoria's largest provider of fire protection maintenance in the public healthcare sector.

During our early growth we identified industry problems that needed to be fixed in order for us to be confident that the routine servicing of fire protection systems and equipment was being performed reliably and competently.

The most common issue (which still exists today throughout the fire protection industry) is the poor knowledge of Australian Standard AS1851 and its application in buildings.

To address this, we began by developing a thorough knowledge of the Standard and its requirements. This forced us to redesign the standard industry fire system maintenance logbooks to align our actions with both the activities set out in the Standard and the intent of the Standard.

Since we began our logbook journey our fire detection & alarm system logbook has been through 45 revisions alone, making sure we are constantly at the forefront of changes in the Standard and societies expectations.