Website redesign and upgrade...

Since 2001 we have regularly updated the Firewize website enable us to produce content (a lot of content), and we continue to invest in our platform with major updates in (2006) again in (2019), and again (2020). Updating the platform encourages us to produce content of a variety of types and be mobile responsive, something that you the reader and the major search engines really love.
Russ Porteous
CEO, Firewize
01 Aug, 2018

Over the last 19 years we have seen the development and rise of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), Video (YouTube), Podcasts, Blogs, RSS and Wiki's as new forms of social communication such as BOT's and Instant Messaging.

We take and adapt the best technologies and try to use them to server our business interests and provide innovative solutions to our customers.  In the background we have an enormous library of great content we are seeking to liberate for the benefit of our team and our customers.  We want this content to showcase our industry experience and knowledge.

As part of the upgrade, we have regularly updated our `look and feel` of the site which should also improve the access to important and relevant content, including being mobile responsive. This time (2020) we have completed the biggest overhaul of our content display, introducing better use of images and metadata tagging.

Behind the scenes we have continued to build and extend our extensive knowledge base specifically relating to fire safety, access to this information will also be made available to our customers.

The new platform will help us communicate more clearly and restructure our content to be more relevant and useful to guests visiting our site.

We hope our investment in this is as useful as we expect it to be to our customers and visitors.


Russ Porteous
Chief Executive Officer