Careers with Firewize

Firewize delivers products and services that are helping us achieve our goal of being Australia's leading provider of of technical and trade based building services for owners, managers and agents of large commercial properties.

Our philosophy is to engage great people, place them in a positive and supportive environment, provide them all the resources they need, and let their talents run wild.

We believe in hard work, a fun atmosphere, and the sort of creativity that only comes about when talented people from diverse backgrounds approach problems from varying perspectives.

We recruit insanely bright people from around the world. We seek out people with a solid interest in customer service, technology, prior entrepreneurial experience and a spark of genius.

So... if your interested in a job that will keep you excited about getting out of bed every morning, then check out our current employment opportunities.

Top 10 Reasons to Work for Firewize

  1. Freedom
    We understand that brilliant people hate rules and shackles and desire the freedom to do their work, in their way.
  2. Thinking BIG!
    We're not aiming to treat symptoms, we're aiming to deliver solutions and deal with the root cause. We're not content with deailing with quick fixes, we aim to create Australia's most comprehensive building maintenance solutions. We aim to be as influential in managing and improving customers properties as General Electric, Honeywell, Tyco or United Technologies. We love Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals! (BHAG's for short)
  3. Profitability
    We're fully profitable, and continue to see our profits grow by month-to-month.
  4. Great People
    We hire only the best. For a typical position we shift through over 50 resumes and interview at least 5 people. Make it in, and you'll be working with some of the best minds in the business. We understand that "A" people attract "A" people.
  5. Treats
    We treat our employees well. This includes audacious Christmas Functions, great coffee, BBQ's, occasional movie tickets, dinners and drinks.
  6. Creativity
    Your typical work week is 40 hours. Of this time, we allow you to spend 4 hours a week working on your own projects or ideas. If your project is successful, we'll help you launch it. We've modeled this after HP, Google and 3M's style of nurturing creativity within the organisation.
  7. Stability
    We've never taken a drop of investment and so have no investors to pull the plug on us. Our business also spans multiple industries such as healthcare, commercial, retail, manufacturing, freight & logistics. This protects us from short term market trends in any one industry.
  8. Fun
    We put the "Fun" in "Business Fundamentals". Don't get us wrong - we're a disciplined, well-oiled engine for growth. But we believe that business should be fun and people should look forward to going to work each day.
  9. Idealism
    We encourage 100% of our employees investing time volunteering or working for non-profits. We started this business to be part of the change that business is currently being carried out in Australia. Profits come second. As a result, we will devote our time and attention to causes that may not bring in short term profits, but may result in positive social change.
  10. Entrepreneurship
    We understand that great people dream of achieving more, being their own boss and setting the standard that others only wish they could achieve. We help you attain this dream. We provide training and mentorship to help you grow. We respect, recognise and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.
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