Healthcare Colour Code Warning Systems

I love feedback from the Firewize website. Not a day goes by when I don't get a message about something that we have written, or a request for more information. Today I received a message from a consultant (Tash) who asked for more information about an older article on the website titled "Healthcare - Colour Code Warning System" . Here is the question, and my response:

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Emergency Preparedness & Response Training

Maintenance Essentials is the No.1. trusted company that now offers emergency response training and education solutions for all industries which include:

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Course participants that complete the training will learn the key fundamentals of:

  • Emergency response management
  • Understand the Emergency Control Organisation-ECO structure

Healthcare - Colour Code Warning System

A recognised standard within healthcare facilities in Australia is the colour coded emergency response system. This system forms part of healthcare facilities Emergency Procedures Manual (EPM). Each colour helps define the actions and activities required of staff when responding and managing an incident.