Fire Hydrant L-Type Cover

L-Type Fire Hydrant ValveEarlier today I was asked by one of our customers if we could source a fire hydrant valve cover for his local primary school. This led me down the rabbit hole of fire hydrant valve covers in Victoria! (2 hours I will never get back).

After a lot of 'Googling' I found out these are called "Galvanised L-Type Fire Hydrant Covers" and are common in Victoria.

As much as anything I wrote this article in the odd chance that we ever get this question again, a well researched article will surface to the top of a Google Search saving me the effort of that lost two hours of research!

The L-Type Fire Hydrant Cover is used to provide for the "L-Type" hydrant underneath. You normally find them in the suburbs and in public areas such as school grounds and parks. You can learn more about "Approved Hydrants" from this brochure from South East Water.

In the meantime, if you need a replacement L-Type Fire Hydrant cover, your best bet is to have a look on Gumtree or E-Bay.

Good luck!


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