Victoria: Fire Services Property Levy

From 1 July 2013, the Victorian Government will require councils throughout Victoria to collect a Fire Services Property Levy on their behalf in conjunction with their standard property rates.

Currently, insurers are required to contribute to the cost of operating the Metropolitan Fire Brigade and the Country Fire Authority. The insurance industry passes the cost of this contribution on to policy-holders through an amount in their insurance premiums, known as a fire services levy.

To assist the public, the State Government have established the "Fire Services Levy Monitor" to oversee the abolition of the insurance-based fire services levy and provide advice and guidance to the public and the insurance industry to make certain that insurers genuinely phase out the existing insurance-based levy.

This change follows a recommendation by the Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission and will replace the existing insurance-based funding of the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board (MFB) and Country Fire Authority (CFA).

The Fire Services Property Levy will apply to all real property (land and buildings) and will include a fixed component as well as a variable charge assessed on the capital improved value of the property. There will be different levy rates depending on the location of the property and the property type.

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Fire Safety
Submitted by Sandra (not verified) on September 13, 2013 - 02:42.

The fire service is an essential part of public safety. While sure, the change is new and different, no one can live in a safe, functional society without the help of fire services. The unexpected happens, and it is always UNEXPECTED. No one ever thinks to themselves, "You know, today I think my business is going to catch on fire." It just doesn't happen that way. And even if you've got good quality frames for fire doors and highly rated fire doors, you can't keep a fire back forever. The fire services are essential. It's a welcome and necessary cost in my opinion. I'll gladly pay any day to know that I have fire protection.