AS1851:2012 - Monthly Sprinkler Testing

Earlier this evening, I intercepted this email between one of our customers (James) and one of my colleagues (Dennis) on the Subject of AS1851:2012 - Monthly Sprinkler Testing. The email was in response to the publication of Australian Standard AS1851:2012 that was published on December 3, 2012.


It would appear (correct me if I am wrong) that under AS 1851-2012 we can move from Weekly to Monthly testing of the Sprinkler Valves, is this correct? If so what would need to be done to action this?

Also under the new Standards, are there any other cost savings that you and or Russell can provide to us?



In response to James question, I replied with this email;

TO: James
CC: Dennis

Thanks James,

You are very correct - as you may know, I represent the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) on this Australian Standards committee (FP-001) and the move from weekly to monthly frequencies was paramount in the committee's decision making.

That said, the Standard also make provision for circumstances such as in Victoria, including other jurisdictions (or special circumstances) for the ongoing provision of weekly testing.

In response to this, we are currently working with the Building Commission through the Fire Protection Association to review and update their relevant Practice Note on this subject and educate Building Surveyors who issue both Occupancy Permits and Maintenance Determinations.

Broadly speaking, the move from weekly to monthly, along with other changes in the Standard to move the focus from purely testing to "Reliability Centred Maintenance".

As yet, we have not yet completed a full time-and-motion study and associated financial impact review of the changes... Anecdotally however it appears consumers may realise some benefits, in the short team with those benefits being redirected into long-term maintenance activities.

We are currently formulating our strategic deployment of this Standard and anticipate hosting a series of awareness & education seminars for consumers and the industry in mid to late March...

I will invite you as soon as we have firm dates for these events.

In the mean time, I have arranged for a copy of the Standard for you, and would also be happy to meet with you and your colleagues to answer any questions you may have.

Please let me know if I can be of any further support.



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