Victoria: Water Supply Authorities - Revised guidelines for fire service installations

I have received an email from South East Water on the Water Metering and Servicing Guidelines which commence on 1 July 2012, incorporate new Australian Standards on backflow prevention valves.

The details of this email are as follows;

Friday, 8 June 2012 - Important revised guidelines for fire service installations

Introduction of revised water meter assembly drawings and adoption of single check valves (testable) on fire services – 1 July 2012

Commencing 1 July 2012 all new water meter assembly installations need to comply with the revised Water Metering and Servicing Guidelines and its related drawings. However where design and contracts have been undertaken prior to this date, an exemption may be considered on a case by case basis for up to a three month period.

The revised guidelines and drawings are also being adopted by City West Water and Yarra Valley Water.

The most significant change is the adoption of testable single check valves for fire services. These must be WaterMark approved to comply with AS/NZS 2845- 2010, Water supply – Backflow prevention devices.

In accordance with the Water Metering and Service Guidelines, all new and upgraded 80mm diameter and greater fire service installations within South East Water’s region must be fitted with a:

  • single check detector valve (testable) on a fire hydrant service or
  • single check valve (testable) on a fire sprinkler service with Magflow meter.

An additional isolation valve is also required on the outlet side of the valve for testing purposes.
Please be aware that this may increase the length of the assembly and impact the assembly space.

Valves must be supplied and fitted by the plumber at the time of the tapping connection and where a bypass assembly is required, fitted with the South East Water supplied 25mm bypass meter.

As part of the conditions of connection, the single check valve (testable) must be:

  • coloured ’fire service’ red
  • tested by a licensed and endorsed backflow prevention tester upon installation, and the completed registration form and test report submitted to South East Water.

The revised guidelines and drawings can be accessed at anytime from

Please note: Fire services are for emergency use only. They are not to be used for any other purpose. Fire service maintenance is the owner’s responsibility.

For more information, please contact Colin Vickers, Fire Services Technical Coordinator or John McCulloch Plumbing Coordinator, on 131 694.

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