FPAA 2009 Board Elections

The Fire Protection Association of Australia has recently sought nominations for the Board of Directors. I have again been nominated (third year in a row) and welcome the opportunity to participate in the election.

I have prepared a candidate statement (below) that summaries the fresh approach, enthusiasm and commitment I offer.

I seek the support of all members and would be pleased to discuss any issues that may be of relevance in the election process.

Fresh approach with new ideas to improve FPAA member value!

With over 21 years working in the fire protection industry, I have been able to assist the FPAA on many issues and now seek your assistance to extend this support and be elected to the FPAA Board.

As a CEO of a medium sized business, I have the opportunity to spend time face to face with building owners, property managers, fire authorities, regulators, engineers and other professionals.

I relate and bring solutions to the challenges of the digital age, both technically and commercially. This experience brings a fresh approach to benefit FPAA members and the customers FPAA members serve.

These diverse relationships enable me understand first hand, the difficulties faced by FPAA members and the demands we face. Being your elected representative to the FPAA Board will ensure that the ?average member? has a say in the direction of our association and the industry.

Being your elected representative will contribute to the generational change within our fire industry and help provide FPAA members with fresh ideas, an alternative perspective, enthusiasm and commitment!

You can help in the election.

Each FPAA member havs the right to one vote, this vote allows you to nominate a candidate for one of two elected board positions.

I recommend that you vote for the following representatives;

  • Glenn Talbot
  • Russell Porteous

With your support, I am hopeful I can gain enough votes to be elected.

When you members voting application form arrives, Place your vote for Glenn Talbot and Russell Porteous as your elected representative.

Thanks again for your support.

Russ Porteous
Russ Porteous

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