FPAA 2008 Board Nominations

The Fire Protection Association of Australia has recently sought nominations for the Board of Directors. I have again been nominated and welcome the opportunity to participate in the election.

I have prepared a candidate statement that hopefully addresses some of the opportunities I see we can expand on within the fire protection industry.

I welcome the support of all members and would be pleased to discuss any issues that may be of relevance in the election process.

With over 20 years working in the fire industry, including taking on the challenge of establishing a successful independent fire protection company, I believe that my experience of both large and small business to be beneficial to the FPAA and it's members. I relate to the challenges faced by the industry and the varying levels of support required. As a CEO I also spend time in the field and understand first hand, the difficulties faced by FPAA members.

I am currently Chairperson of the FPA Australia Maintenance Special Interest Group, a member on the T/C 2 Committee, a representative of FP002-04, Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Vice President on a school board and developer of "Fire Safety Forum", a popular internet site.

My desire is to be a part of improving industry standards. To bring leadership and innovation to FPAA Members. To be a part of the generational change within our industry and help provide members with the most relevant, up to date information.

How you can help

All FPAA members have the right to one vote, this vote allows you to nominate a candidate for one of two elected board positions.

With your support, I am hopeful I can gain enough votes to be elected.

When you members voting application form arrives, Place your vote against my name.

Thanks again for your support.

Russ Porteous
Russ Porteous

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