Rag & Tag is alive & well in the USA

Russ Porteous
CEO, Firewize
04 Jun, 2006

Well it seems the phrase Rag and Tag is universal when it comes to portable fire extinguisher service.

Today while talking to some US counterparts the topic of poor and sloppy fire extinguisher maintenance came up.

It soon became apparent that the issues we face in Australia also exist in the United States. In fact they use the exact same phrase as us to describe the shoddy service.

The funny thing is that GREAT service only takes a couple of extra minutes per fire extinguisher... Who are these technicians/companies kidding????

The problem stems from a number of things including; the per unit service rates that contractors are paid for their service, poor training and the idea that shortcuts are acceptable..

We need to educate the market on GREAT service and weed out the sloppy providers..