Essential Safety Measures Manual Review

Russ Porteous
CEO, Firewize
11 Aug, 2006

The new Victorian Building Regulations 2006 are now in force and feature important changes for the Victorian building industry including changes to;

  • Essential safety measures
  • Legislative changes to essential safety measures
  • Smoke alarm and sprinkler provisions
  • Annual safety measures report

As a result of these changes, the Building Commission are seeking public comment on the proposed changes to the proposed Essential Safety Measures Manual.

From the Building Commission website

Following changes to essential safety measures in the Building Code of Australia and the introduction of the Building Regulations 2006, a number of changes have occurred to the maintenance requirements for buildings. The Building Commission is currently undertaking a comprehensive review and update of its Essential Safety Measures Manual.

The Commission is currently seeking comments, or suggestions on the contents of the manual. Consideration should be given to the layout of the manual, its future format for example hard copy or electronic, and any specific technical requirements.

Comments should be received by the Building Commission no later than Friday 18 August 2006 and directed to Technical Services, PO Box 536, Melbourne 3000. If you require any further information;

Telephone: 9285 6482 or