Nuisance Alarms

According to the Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade a false alarm (nuisance alarm) is;

A false alarm occurs when the MFB attends an incident to find there is no emergency and there is no need for their fire fighting skills or other expertise. Most automatic fire alarm systems are a legal requirement, or have been installed to provide fire safety, and it is essential they operate efficiently at all times.

In this document we have prepared (and continue to add) information that helps building owners, agents of owners and occupiers on the common causes of nuisance alarms and methods to eliminate the root cause.

False alarms, also known as nuisance alarms are generated by fire protection systems including Fire Alarms and Fire Sprinkler Systems. They are generally automatically initiated by smoke, heat detectors, fire detectors, flow switches and pressure switches, however they may also be occur through intentional or accidental causes.

How Firewize can help

If your new to Firewize you may consider contacting us to conduct a Nuisance Alarm Investigation.  This process is conducted by a senior member of our support team who will follow a methodical process of identifying the root cause of your nuisance alarms and help you develop a strategy to eliminate the root cause and free you up from the costly burden of nuisance alarms.


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