9 essential tips manage your fire protection compliance!

Our 9 Essential tips to manage your fire protection compliance unlocks the secrets to help building owners ensure your fire protection systems and equipment are maintained and compliance is achieved.

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You may find it hard to believe that there are secrets in the fire protection industry, but there are.  Fire safety maintenance is seen as a bit of a black art, with a dark underbelly. Well we want to change that. We have been focused on fire protection maintenance as Firewize for 20 years but our team has decades of combined fire industry experience.

Don't go out to the market for a fire protection maintenance contractor until you have read this guide!

Consultants and engineering firms will charge you THOUSANDS for just some of the information and tips in this guide. Their business is to make themselves sound appear smart while we look to them for advice. In this guide, we will liberate this advice and give you the knowledge and skills to help you deliver essential safety measures compliance for your building.

In this FREE guide we will answer the following NINE questions;

  1. What is the statutory obligation in my state or territory to maintain the fire protection systems and equipment in my building.
  2. What is an occupancy permit and how to I determine my conditions of occupation?
  3. What is a maintenance schedule and how do I need one?
  4. How do I identify all of the essential safety measures in my building?
  5. What is the best Australian Standard to ensure my fire protection systems and equipment are maintained.
  6. How often should I inspect, test and survey my essential safety measures?
  7. Do I need an asset management system to help manage compliance?
  8. Do I need to do a System Interface Test (SIT") or Full Function Fire Test ("FFFT") and IF I do, how often?
  9. Why don't contractors tell me whole story about the hydrant hydrostatic test?

What our customers say...

Innovators in the fire industry

In every industry there is a leader that pushes the industry forward. In the fire protection industry, that leader is Firewize. We are willing to challenge the status-quo and push forward to fulfil our purpose.

AS1851 Test Record Checklist

It might be east to follow the pack and do what everyone else does but at Firewize, that just doesn't cut it.  Sometimes we ruffle the industry feathers of the dodo birds because we inherently know there is a better way, and we are willing to challenge long held beliefs.

Over the past 20 years, we get down-and-dirty to understand the WHY rather than the WHAT to deliver a better service to our customers. We believe that it is significantly better to fix the underlying problem rather than placing another band-aid on a hemorrhage.

Our 9 essential tips has been written in response to the most common questions by building owners and their agents searching for a better way to manage their compliance and ensure the safety of the building occupants from fire.

Bonus Material

Because we want you to get the full value from our FREE GUIDE, we are also offering you a bevy of bonus material. This material has been available in our library for a long time and we want you to have it!

  • Our famous 39 Hot Tips for eliminating false alarms. The strategies in this one document helped one Melbourne hospital cut their false alarm charges by over $135,000 per year.  Imagine that!
  • The Victorian Building Authority produced a Maintenance Manual for building owners. This guide alone is an amazing document that covers almost every essential safety measures.  Lucky you, we will send you a free copy of this PDF manual along with this guide.
  • Looking for a specification as the basis for your own evaluation process, then we have you covered.  You will receive a FREE copy of our AS1851 maintenance specification.
  • A free copy of our eBook "Principles of Fire Safety". This ebook normally sells for $129.00 and has been developed to help you understand the principles about how fire systems work.  The eBook covers among other things: The National Construction Code, Combustion, Smoke & Heat, Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems, Fire Detection & Alarm Systems, Fire Hydrant Systems, Emergency Lights & Exit Signs, Photoluminescent Exit Signs, Portable Fire Extinguishers, Fire Smoke & Exit Doors, Fire Industry Terminology and much, much more.
  • Access to out private YouTube channel where we reveal a small sample of our over 700+ videos about fire safety.
  • A coupon for a 20% discount of any of our AS1851:2012 logbooks.
  • A free 30 minute consultation with our founder, Russ Porteous. During this session you can ask any questions that we may not have covered in the FREE Guide!

If your a building owner, chairperson of the owners corporation, agent of a building owner, facility manager or building manager, then we guarantee this FREE indispensable guide will help you manage your essential safety measures more effectively.

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Please send me a FREE copy of the Fire & Essential Safety Measures Maintenance Guide.

We have developed our guide to help people who are responsible for a wide range of building classifications;

  • Class 2 or 3 - Apartments or Dwellings
  • Class 5 - Office Buildings & Secondary Schools or Universities
  • Class 6 - Retail & Shopping Centres
  • Class 7 - Multi-Level Car Parks
  • Class 8 - Medical Research, Laboratory or Manufacturing
  • Class 9 - Hospitals & Healthcare Buildings

If your unsure you fit into one of these categories, then request your FREE copy of the guide anyway, because we believe you will find the answer in the guide anyway!.