At Firewize we deliver products and services that helping us achieve our goal of being Australia's leading provider of fire protection maintenance for building services for owners, managers and agents of large commercial properties.

Our philosophy is to hire great people, place them in a positive and supportive environment, train them, deliver them all the resources they need, and let their talents run wild.

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Current Jobs

Job Title Description Job Closes
Technician, Portable Fire Equipment Fire extinguisher technicians maintain fire-fighting equipment, including all types of hand-held portable fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, fire hydrants and fire blankets used to protect property and equipment against fires.
Trainee - Fire System Maintenance Fire systems maintenance is a career that involves the regular inspection, test, survey and maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment.
Experienced Fire Alarm Technician Do you know the difference between a single chamber ionisation and a dual chamber ionisation smoke detector? If you do then you may the right person for this fantastic opportunity.