Russ PorteousWelcome to the Firewize web site.

Our web site forms part of our communications strategy with employees, partners, customers and suppliers. In addition through this web site we seek to promote our objective to be Australia's leading provider of technical and trade based building services for owners, managers and agents of large commercial properties.

In pursuit of this objective, we have established a culture that establishes 'best practice' as a habit that all employees subscribe and practice. This is communicated through our vision, culture statement and regular team meetings.

Testament to the products and services we provide, this web site includes an online shop, extensive knowledge base, industry forums, podcast's, newsletters and syndicated RSS feeds.

Registered account holders also have access to additional subscription only content.

Whether you contact us in person, by telephone or email, or via our web site, we are here to assist you, and assure you of our commitment.


Russ Porteous
Chief Executive Officer