VESDA Smoke Detector Maintenance

A VESDA is a brand of aspirating smoke detector designed and manufactured by Xtralis. From a maintenance perspective, an aspirating smoke detector (also known as an ASD) needs to be maintained differently than the common point type smoke detector.

While this article specifically considers the VESDA, there are other brands of aspirating smoke detector available that these general principes apply.

Before we get started let me explain in very simple terms how an aspirating smoke detector works.

An an ASD typically contains four main components;

  • a network of pipes with one or more sampling points; and
  • an air filter; and
  • a sampling chamber; and
  • a fan unit.

The system operates with the fan unit drawing a sample of air from the protected area through a sampling point the sample is then drawn through the pipe network, through the filter, into the sampling chamber. The sample then enters the detector where the concentration of contamination is then measured. Once the sample passes through the detector, it is then exhausted back into the atmosphere.

VESDA Aspirating Smoke Detector Illustration © Firewize Holdings Pty. Ltd.

Aspirating smoke detector maintenance has some similarities with point type smoke detectors, insofar as that according to Australian Standard AS1851, 50% of all of the sampling points must be inspected and tested every year, however that's where the similarities end.

In addition to testing the sampling points, there are a number of additional periodic inspections and tests also required, these include;

  1. check the ASD and verify the airflow is operating correctly;
  2. inspect the pipe network;
  3. test & measure of the transport time from the most disadvantaged sampling point on each branch of the pipe network;
  4. inspection of the each air filter for any condition likely to adversely affect its function;
  5. inspection, and test of the primary and secondary power supply for the ASD;
  6. clean each sampling point;
  7. flush the pipe network.

Aspirating smoke detectors are very sensitive devices that require periodic inspections and testing to ensure they are maintained in optimal condition. Our team of technicians and engineers undertake periodic training to ensure they are competent in maintaining fire systems.

If you are seeking more information about maintaining your aspirating smoke detector, you can contact us by telephone on 1300 30 88 22 or sending us an email via our contact form.

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