FPAA 2007 Board Nominations

Recently I was nominated in the 2007 election for Fire Protection Association of Australia board election.

In accepting the nomination, I am required to provide a short (150 word) candidate statement. I have included a copy of the statement below...

Now begins the process of getting member support for the election....

Vote for your independent board nominations!

The Fire Protection Association Australia is the peak industry body representing a wide range of student, individual, corporate members. As the energetic Chief Executive Officer of an established independent fire protection company with almost 20 years industry experience, I offer the current and relevant practical, commercial and strategic experience, necessary to represent your needs.

I am a driving force behind the new FPA Australia Maintenance Special Interest Group, contributor to Standards development and the developer of the popular internet ?Fire Safety Forum?.

Regularly attending various international fire safety industry forums and as a company director, director of a not-for-profit and as the treasurer of a school board, I have diverse experience and exposure and enthusiasm, that would strategically benefit our board.

To ensure VALUE from your membership it is CRUCIAL to ELECT board members that RECOGNISE and CONSIDER your NEEDS and DELIVER VALUE and strategic focus. I call on your support and vote to ensure the FPA Australia represents YOU.

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