NFPA: Understanding Unwanted (Nuisance) Alarms Video

The American National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recently hosted a 1.5 hour webinar for fire industry professionals and fire departments to provide a background, information and tools to help deal with unwanted alarms.

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Tanker explosion caught on video!

United States, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, August 23, 2012

This tanker fire was caught on video shortly after fire crews set off this controlled burn to get rid of leaking isobutane.

The flames from this fire were still being controlled after two hours!


5S Video

Here is more information in the form of a video on 5S...

Announcement: has arrived

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As I said in my last Blog post, has just arrived and I wanted to show you what it looks like.

Bradford soccer stadium fire

Sometime we forget how fast a fire can take hold, engulf a building and threaten lives. In my early career while still at university I watch the video of the Bradford Soccer Stadium fire that changed my perception of the threat.

The internet now allows us to watch these videos again and remind ourselves of the risk!