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Fire Protection: Stress Corrosion Cracking

While researching leaks in fire sprinkler and hydrant water supplied, I came across a new term, that I was initially unfamiliar with - Stress Corrosion Cracking ("SCC").

Wikipedia: Stress corrosion cracking

Victoria - Building Regulations 2006

What is an essential safety measure?

1202 Definitions
In this Subdivision -
essential safety measure means -

  1. any of the following items required by or under the Act or these Regulations to be provided in relation to a building or a place of public entertainment -
    1. an item listed in Tables I1.1 to I1.11 of Volume One of the BCA, except the item in Table I1.4 relating to artificial lighting;
    2. an item listed in clause I1.2 of Volume One of the BCA; or

Fire Control Centres

The Building Code of Australia outlines the requirements for fire control rooms as follows;

E1.8 Fire control centres

A fire control centre facility in accordance with Specification E1.8 must be provided for?

  1. a building with an effective height of more than 25 m; and
  2. a Class 6, 7, 8 or 9 building with a total floor area of more than 18 000 m2.

This clause references Specification E1.8 as follows;

FP-001-01 AS1851 Sprinkler Sub Committee

Standards Australia is not part of government, they do not make laws or regulations. Australian Standards are not legal documents but many, because of their rigour, are called up into legislation by government and become mandatory. This is a decision made by elected governments, not Standards Australia. Standards are also often incorporated into legal contracts.

Sound Pressure


Sound is vibration transmitted through a solid, liquid, or gas; particularly, sound means those vibrations composed of frequencies capable of being detected by ears.

For humans, hearing is limited to frequencies between about 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz (20 kHz), with the upper limit generally decreasing with age.