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Roof anchors vs. guard rails - the legals and the financials in a nutshell

Earlier today, I received a message from a friend of mine Carl Sachs of Workplace Access & Safety. Carl wrote an article for the November edition of FM Magazine.

In Carl's article he illustrates the total cost of ownership of both Anchors and Guard Rails. here is a copy of the email from Carl and a link to the article...

FP-001-01 AS1851 Sprinkler Sub Committee

Standards Australia is not part of government, they do not make laws or regulations. Australian Standards are not legal documents but many, because of their rigour, are called up into legislation by government and become mandatory. This is a decision made by elected governments, not Standards Australia. Standards are also often incorporated into legal contracts.

Standards Australia - April 2008 New Business Model

I attended a standards meeting a couple of weeks ago and found on the table in reception new information (April 2008) about "Standards Australia's New Business Model".

According to the brochure the changes will address the following;

  • Enables more strategic and forward thinking engagement for Standards Australia with industry, community and Government
  • Creates a transparent Net Benefit Assessment for each Standards project proposal
  • Provides multiple pathways for Standards development and gives stakeholders choice

AS1851-2005 Amendment 2 - Published

Earlier today SAI Global (Standards) finally published Amendment 2 of AS1851-2005. This new amendment applies 48 changes, bring the total changes to AS1851 including the 27 changes from Amendment 1 to a total of 75 changes.