Essential Safety Measures

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WarningEarlier this year, the Victorian Government proclaimed changes to the Metropolitan Fire Brigades Act (Vic) 1958 and the Country Fire Authority Act (Vic) 1958.

These changes introduced new laws that made it an offence to "damage or interference with fire indicator panel or other apparatus". The fines related to this can be levied against anyone and could cost as much as about $9,000.00.

Is an air-conditioning system an safety measure?

Once again the question "is an air-conditioning system an essential safety measure?" has popped up and I thought I would take a fresh look at what I have written on air-conditioning systems in the past.

To kick things off, here is the question I received from an industry professional (Julie)...

On Fri, Oct 5, 2012 at 10:40 AM, Julie wrote:

If you install, modify or remove ANY ESMs you need a building permit.

Logically, if you don’t need a BP for an A/C package unit then it could not possibly be an ESM

Also if its not hooked into the fire services then its not an ESM

Can you please confirm ?


Julie | Division Manager

Maintaining Essential Safety Measures in an Empty Building!

Recently I received an email from a customer who instructed us to stop maintaining the essential safety measures in his building.

The customer was under the wrong impression that because the building was not occupied that it did not need to be maintained.

The reality is that Part 12 of the Building Regulations 2006 (Vic) do not distinguish between empty and occupied buildings and structures.

9-Step Process for Maintaining Essential Safety Measures

The following process is a list of items that we have developed to help building owners, and managers have a simple process to follow to ensure they have everything necessary and in place to help ensure they can satisfy the requirements for essential safety measures compliance.

This list is a summary taken from our introduction (1-Hour) public workshop and is intended to provide a general overview of the process.

Essential Safety Measures Manual Review

The new Victorian Building Regulations 2006 are now in force and feature important changes for the Victorian building industry including changes to;

  • Essential safety measures
  • Legislative changes to essential safety measures
  • Smoke alarm and sprinkler provisions
  • Annual safety measures report

As a result of these changes, the Building Commission are seeking public comment on the proposed changes to the proposed Essential Safety Measures Manual.