Compliance: Taxable Payment Reporting - Building & Construction Industry

Here we go again, from July 1, 2012 the Australian Federal Government has introduced another layer of compliance reporting (red tape) specifically for the Building & Construction Industry.

From 1 July 2012, businesses in the building and construction industry need to report the total payments they make to each contractor for building and construction services each year. You need to report these payments to us on the Taxable payments annual report.

As part of the 2011-12 Federal Budget, the government announced the introduction of taxable payments reporting for businesses in the building and construction industry.
The aim of the system is to improve compliance with tax obligations by those contractors who are currently not doing the right thing. 1

  • 1.

FPAA 2008 Board Nominations

The Fire Protection Association of Australia has recently sought nominations for the Board of Directors. I have again been nominated and welcome the opportunity to participate in the election.

I have prepared a candidate statement that hopefully addresses some of the opportunities I see we can expand on within the fire protection industry.

I welcome the support of all members and would be pleased to discuss any issues that may be of relevance in the election process.

Healthcare - Colour Code Warning System

A recognised standard within healthcare facilities in Australia is the colour coded emergency response system. This system forms part of healthcare facilities Emergency Procedures Manual (EPM). Each colour helps define the actions and activities required of staff when responding and managing an incident.

FPAA 2007 Board Nominations

Recently I was nominated in the 2007 election for Fire Protection Association of Australia board election.

In accepting the nomination, I am required to provide a short (150 word) candidate statement. I have included a copy of the statement below...

Now begins the process of getting member support for the election....

Building Code of Australia (BCA 2008) Draft Public Comment

According to an email I received from the ABCB today, the draft changes for BCA 2008 are available for public comment. The Building Code of Australia is a performance-based document that states the technical provisions that buildings and other structures throughout Australia must meet.