Australian Standard AS1851:2005, Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment was overhauled an published in September 2005. According to one consultant - This standard aims to link the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance aspects of fire equipment to improve system reliability. This Standard sets out requirements for the inspection, test, preventive maintenance and survey (ITM&S) of fire protection systems and equipment. The objective of this Standard is to maximize the reliability of fire protection systems and equipment such that the systems and equipment meet the requirements of the relevant design, installation and commissioning Standards and are likely to continue to do so until the next scheduled activity. This Standard is intended to provide a systematic and uniform basis for building owners and managers, regulators, contractors, insurers and others to implement and administer inspection, test, preventive maintenance and survey programs applicable to fire protection systems and equipment.

Building Regulations r1205 - AS1851:2012 Adoption in Victoria

On April 26, 2016, the Minister for Planning, in Victoria introduced a new Regulation 1205A of the Building Regulations (Vic) 2006 to permit the adoption and application of AS1851:2012 without first amending an occupancy permit or maintenance determination.

The new regulation came about through a lot of work by the team at Firewize and the Fire Protection Association.

AS1851:2012 - Smoke Detector Sensitivity Testing

A smoke detector is a sensitive device designed to detect a fire from the by-products of combustion. You can read more about the operation of fire detection and alarm systems and smoke detectors in our popular series of articles titled "Principles of Fire Safety".

Earlier today I received an email from CW (alias) who asked the question "what are the requirements for testing the sensitivity of collective smoke detectors in accordance with Australian Standard AS1851:2012?"

AS1851:2012 - Monthly Sprinkler Testing

Earlier this evening, I intercepted this email between one of our customers (James) and one of my colleagues (Dennis) on the Subject of AS1851:2012 - Monthly Sprinkler Testing. The email was in response to the publication of Australian Standard AS1851:2012 that was published on December 3, 2012.

Australian Standard AS1851:2012 - Published

Australian Standard AS1851:2012 is a completely new edition of the Standard, published on December 3, 2012.

This new edition has been under review for over three years and has received input from a wide range of contributors including Australian Fire Authorities Council (AFAC), Department of Defence, Department of Human Services (Vic), Fire Protection Association Australia, Engineers Australia, Property Council and representatives from Standards Australia Technical Committees.

The Standard also has a new title, changing from "Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment" to "Routine Service of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment".

Contaminated (dirty) Smoke Detectors

Contaminated Smoke DetectorBy its very design a smoke detector is intended to detect the presence of contamination from airborne particles, typically smoke.

Unfortunately there are a great deal of other particles that when built up over time can adversely affect the performance of a smoke detector.

This adverse affect can be reflected in two ways;