VESDA Smoke Detector Maintenance

A VESDA is a brand of aspirating smoke detector designed and manufactured by Xtralis. From a maintenance perspective, an aspirating smoke detector (also known as an ASD) needs to be maintained differently than the common point type smoke detector.

While this article specifically considers the VESDA, there are other brands of aspirating smoke detector available that these general principes apply.

Fire Detector Maintenance - Even kids can identify a problem!

Contaminated Smoke DetectorEarlier today, my 11 year old daughter sent me an email with an attached photograph.

The photograph was of a smoke detector she observed in a private medical clinic that she described as "Yucky!"

Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers - Buses

Public transport safety, in particular buses has recently undergone a major overhaul in Victoria.

The Victorian State Government introduced new legislation into the parlament which came into force in December 2010 to improve commuter safety by way of the Bus Safety Act 2009 ("the Act") and the Bus Safety Regulations 2010 ("the Regulations").

This new legislation seeks to promote an improved safety culture for bus operations, and applies to all commercial and non-commercial operations.

Essential Safety Measures Survey vs. Audit

Why is the discussion of an audit an issue?
AS1851.pngAS1851-2005 uses the term 'Audit' in the foreword of the Standard, and is not used anywhere else within the document. This has caused confusion by building owners, agents, property and facility managers alike...

This article and presentation, will present with definitions and differences, similarities and relationship between a survey and an audit as described in each of the Australian Standards AS1851-2005 and AS4655-2005.

AS1851-2005 Amendment No 2 DRAFT

Well its out today, the first public draft of Amendment No. 2 of Australian Standard AS1851-2005.

This draft is 18 pages long and includes many changes that people involved in the Maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment should consider carefully.

The summary of the draft reads as follows;