Conditions of Connection for Fire Sprinkler Systems

South East Water - On Tap NewsletterSouth East Water recently proposed changes to its 'Conditions of Connection' for new Fire Sprinkler Installations.

Projects which commence design phase from March 1, 2008 will now need to meet the following requirements to when seeking to connect to South East Water;

Changes to Conditions of Connection for Fire Sprinklers - South East Water

I have just received the email below that was distributed by the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors regarding new requirements from South East Water for all new construction projects from March 1, 2008.

Building and Plumbing Industry Commission tackling fire sprinkler water wastage

On November 28, the Building and Plumbing Industry Commission issued a Media Release (below) that The Building and Plumbing Industry Commissions, water authorities and fire protection industry are taking action to reduce the large volume of water used for testing fire sprinkler systems.

Maintenance Essentials continues to take a lead role in the efficient use of water use in fire protection by supporting South East Water, The Building Commission and customers to carry out a pilot program and implement water saving initiatives which may be used industry wide.

Responsible recycling of Fluorescent Tubes

The effect of fluorescent tubes on the natural environment is not widely known, the adverse affects on precious resources - such as water, are dangerous and detrimental. Fluorescent tubes consist of four elements - glass, aluminum, phosphor powder and the most hazardous material, mercury. One fluorescent globe contains enough mercury to contaminate 30,000 litres of water beyond a safe drinking level.

On this basis it is not a sustainable practice to dispose of fluorescent tubes with other general landfill, yet, only 1% of the 50-60 million fluorescent tubes and high intensity discharge bulbs consumed in Australia each year, are recycled in the appropriate manner.

Water consumption of Fire Sprinkler Systems

Recently, one of our engineers found a simple way assist a new customer conserve millions of liters of fresh water used in the weekly testing of a fire sprinkler system. Here is an extract of his email to the customer.