Emergency Lighting

AS2293.2-2019 Emergency lighting and exit signs for buildings - routine service and maintenance

I am pleased to confirm that the latest edition of AS2293.2-2019 - Emergency lighting and exit signs for buildings Routine service and maintenance was published today and can be purchased form then Standards Australia website.

Work started on the AS2293 suite of Standards in early 2016 (3 years ago) and has gone through series of major changes.

Installing Emergency & Exit Lighting

Emergency & Exit lighting is a vital part of the safety, access and egress provisions of a modern Class 2 to Class 9 buildings.

Responsible recycling of Fluorescent Tubes

The effect of fluorescent tubes on the natural environment is not widely known, the adverse affects on precious resources - such as water, are dangerous and detrimental. Fluorescent tubes consist of four elements - glass, aluminum, phosphor powder and the most hazardous material, mercury. One fluorescent globe contains enough mercury to contaminate 30,000 litres of water beyond a safe drinking level.

On this basis it is not a sustainable practice to dispose of fluorescent tubes with other general landfill, yet, only 1% of the 50-60 million fluorescent tubes and high intensity discharge bulbs consumed in Australia each year, are recycled in the appropriate manner.