Draft - AS5414 Bushfire water spray systems

Australian Standard AS 5414 for Bushfire water spray systems was released earlier today as a public draft for consultation.

This Standard was prepared by the Standards Australia Committee FP-024 and sets out the general requirements for the design, installation and maintenance of water spray systems intended to provide a degree of building protection against bushfire ember attack.

FP-001-01 AS1851 Sprinkler Sub Committee

Standards Australia is not part of government, they do not make laws or regulations. Australian Standards are not legal documents but many, because of their rigour, are called up into legislation by government and become mandatory. This is a decision made by elected governments, not Standards Australia. Standards are also often incorporated into legal contracts.

Key resettable Manual Call Point

One of the requirements of Australian Standard AS1851 is that building owners maintain a quantity of spare glasses for their manual call points.

Manual call points (MCP's) also know as break glass alarms (BGA's) and pull stations are not used as regularly as they have been in the past however they can still be found in many buildings.

080505 - FP001:04 Minutes

Attended: Ralph Garbutt, Russell Porteous, Warrick Isomonger, Graeme Green

[WI] - Competency Assessment

- Roger Thomas

FPAA Code of Practice > Company Registered > Train Staff > People Competent

Therefore if a company is a FPAA member and wants to be conduct compliant then they must have competent staff.

Warrick provided a series of notes on this matter.

[RG] - Ralph reported that a Fire Alarm Technician will carry the Cert III for monthly testing...

Specification for Operations and Maintenance Manuals

Manuals are to provide concise descriptions, technical details, operating and maintenance instructions and schedules, commissioning records, log books, catalogues, principles of operation, method of operation and other information that will enable the on-going operation and maintenance of the fabric, services, plant and equipment.