AS2293.2-2019 Emergency lighting and exit signs for buildings - routine service and maintenance

I am pleased to confirm that the latest edition of AS2293.2-2019 - Emergency lighting and exit signs for buildings Routine service and maintenance was published today and can be purchased form then Standards Australia website.

Work started on the AS2293 suite of Standards in early 2016 (3 years ago) and has gone through series of major changes.

When is emergency & exit lighting required to be installed in a building?

On several occasions, I have been asked about the requirement for the installation of emergency lights in small (Class 6) retail buildings. When I say small I mean less than 500m2.

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) 2010 provides the deemed-to-satisfy requirements for the installation of Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs in Section E, Part E4.

Essentially for all Class 6 buildings over 100m2 require emergency lights; and all Class 6 buildings require at least one exit sign.

All required emergency lights and exit signs should must comply with Australian Standard AS 2293.1.