Trainee Engineer - Fire Systems Maintenance

Intelligent, curious, confident and think outside the box? Firewize is currently seeking expressions of interest for a Grad Cert or Grad Dip level person. You will be responsibility for the planned inspection, testing & maintenance of advanced fire detection, alarm & warning systems.

Fire and Essential Safety Measures are required in all commercial buildings, these systems must be maintained to a suite of Australian Standards. The ideal candidate will have a demonstrated interest in electronics with some experience in programming desirable.

This role requires a person who understands the importance of the following;

  • consistency, punctuality, methodical
  • business process
  • attention to detail
  • timely and accurate paperwork

In this role you will need to be a self-starter, working regularly by yourself, but with the support of others. You will be capable of problem solving, typically following the "linear-logical-fault-finding-analysis" methodology.

Typical Responsibilities

The reliable operation of a buildings fire and essential safety measures is our primary responsibility. Firewize is contracted by a large number of blue chip and government organisations to ensure these systems are operating correctly and are likely to do so from one maintenance activity to the next.

In this role, you will be responsible for the periodic inspection, testing, preventative maintenance and survey of fire and essential safety measures to ensure this objective is met!

This will include a range of prescriptive tasks carried out in a methodical manner, meeting with building owners and managers, solving technical problems.

Work Hours

This role is a 38 hour per week role with a great deal of flexibility in start and end time.

The role involves local travel (throughout metropolitan Melbourne) and for the right candidate the benefit of a motor vehicle allowance is typically part of the package.

For more information, visit the Firewize website at

Application procedures

Don't apply if your looking for an average company. Firewize seeks high performance people who are driven to greatness. If this sound like YOU! then please send an email to NOW!