Healthcare - Colour Code Warning System

A recognised standard within healthcare facilities in Australia is the colour coded emergency response system. This system forms part of healthcare facilities Emergency Procedures Manual (EPM). Each colour helps define the actions and activities required of staff when responding and managing an incident.

These procedures are divided into a colour coded system:

RED Code Red - Fire / Smoke
ORANGE Code Orange - Evacuate
BLUE Code Blue - Medical / First Aid emergencies
YELLOW Code Yellow - Failure or threat of failure to essential services
BROWN Code Brown - External Emergencies
PURPLE Code Purple - Bomb Threat
BLACK Code Black - Personal Threat to others or self

In addition the established system has been expanded to include additional codes for specific emergencies as listed below;

GREEN Code Green - Correctional Health Services Emergency
GREY Code Grey - Unarmed Threat

How Firewize can help

Firewize assists organisations through an emergency control organisation document and develop emergency procedures manuals . These manuals form the basis for implementing workplace and emergency preparedness training. For more information, contact our sales & support team on 1300 30 88 22 or email

More Information

AS 4083-1997 Planning for Emergencies ? Health Care Facilities
AS 3745-2002 Emergency Control organisation and procedures for buildings, structures and workplaces.