Loss Prevention & Life Safety – The 10 Most Common Problems

According to Austbrokers Countrywide, they have identified the 10 Most Common Problems for Loss Prevention & Life Safety in a PDF article they published on their website. The top 10 are;

  1. Open penetrations through fire rated compartments
  2. Unsealed vertical electrical riser shafts
  3. Overdue fire sprinkler and hydrant system flow tests
  4. Incorrect fire pump start pressure switch settings
  5. Incorrect fire sprinkler pump pressure relief valve settings
  6. Lack of emergency information at Fire Indicator Panels and fire brigade booster connections
  7. Overdue fire alarm / building services interface testing
  8. Incomplete essential services maintenance records
  9. Sprinkler system design is inadequate for the storage heights, storage arrangements or the type of commodities being stored
  10. Poor housekeeping and storage of combustible materials in electrical cupboards or rooms, data risers, in emergency escape routes, between aisles of racks in warehouse or storage areas

They also provide advice for risks in specific industries including;

  • Retail Centres, Food Outlets
  • Warehousing
  • General Manufacturing

More Information - Austbrokers Countrywide

Austbrokers Countrywide is a specialist Insurance Broker arranging Professional Indemnity, IT Liability and Management Liability Insurance policies for consulting professionals. The Austbrokers Countrywide team has over 100 years of experience in Professional Risks Insurance, servicing the insurance needs of a broad range of professional consultants and professional associations.

For more information visit the Austbrokers Countrywide website.

From my perspective, all of these risks are valid and need a commitment from building owners, occupiers, agents and contractors to address. One of the keys to resolving these issues is a systematic process for contractors to identify, quantify and report on the non-conformances and defects identified after a site inspection or survey.

Australian Standard AS1851:2012

Australian Standard AS1851:2012 seeks to address these issues in more consistent way than previous editions of the Standard. If you need more information about how to apply AS1851:2012 in your building, contact Firewize on 1300 30 88 22 or complete our online information request form and your questions will be addressed by one of our experienced service professionals.

If your based in Victoria, you can also give me a call on 1300 30 88 22 and I'll do my best to solve your fire and essential safety measures questions.


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