Expiry: Building Regulation (Vic) 2006

In Victoria The Building Regulations (Vic) 2006 (the Regulations) will end on 6 June 2016 to meet the requirements under section 5 of the Subordinate Legislation Act 1994. Regulations are evaluated every 10 years to check if they are still relevant or should be changed. This is known as ‘sun-setting’.

The regulations are being evaluated by two Government departments, together with relevant industry stakeholders;

Within the fire protection industry, the Fire Protection Association Australia is taking the an active role, engaging with the Victorian Building Authority and Association members to express a collective industry interest.

The engagement process will evaluate how well the current Regulations and to assess the potential for redundant, new or amended regulations.

Registered builders, building industry stakeholders and the general public will be consulted in three phases:

  1. Information Gathering - Initial feedback about what aspects of the Regulations are working well and what might need to change
  2. Draft RIS – to be released for comment and feedback
  3. The Final RIS – formal consultation to take place upon its release.

The initial information gathering period concludes in July 2014 and must be completed on the relevant stakeholder submission template, which can be downloaded from the VBA website.

For more information contact The Fire Protection Association Australia (via email technical@fpaa.com.au) or visit the VBA website http://www.vba.vic.gov.au

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