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WarningEarlier this year, the Victorian Government proclaimed changes to the Metropolitan Fire Brigades Act (Vic) 1958 and the Country Fire Authority Act (Vic) 1958.

These changes introduced new laws that made it an offence to "damage or interference with fire indicator panel or other apparatus". The fines related to this can be levied against anyone and could cost as much as about $9,000.00.

The integrity and reliability of your fire and essential safety measures is important to Firewize. For that reason, we have created a FREE vibrant, durable and high quality wanting sticker building owners and agents of owners can use to warn people about laws and statutory fines related to the inspection, testing, maintenance, alteration, addition, interference or impairment of an essential safety measure in Victoria.

We are giving these stickers away FREE to building owners, agents of owners, facility managers and building occupiers. To secure your FREE stickers (no strings attached) simply fill in the registration form below and we will typically despatch your stickers on the same day.

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For more information, contact Firewize support on 1300 30 88 22.

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