Standards Australia - April 2008 New Business Model

I attended a standards meeting a couple of weeks ago and found on the table in reception new information (April 2008) about "Standards Australia's New Business Model".

According to the brochure the changes will address the following;

  • Enables more strategic and forward thinking engagement for Standards Australia with industry, community and Government
  • Creates a transparent Net Benefit Assessment for each Standards project proposal
  • Provides multiple pathways for Standards development and gives stakeholders choice
  • Invests in improved technology, processes and staff capability so Standards Australia can deliver better outcomes for stakeholders

You can get more information from the following links;

  1. Stakeholder Consultation Feedback Report, March 08
  2. Introducing a New Business Model for Standards Australia, April 08
  3. New Business Model Q & A, May 08

Standards Australia have also committed to keep stakeholders informed as each major element of the New Business Model becomes operational.

You can get more information by visiting the Standards Australia web site at


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