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080505 - FP001:04 Minutes

Attended: Ralph Garbutt, Russell Porteous, Warrick Isomonger, Graeme Green

[WI] - Competency Assessment

- Roger Thomas

FPAA Code of Practice > Company Registered > Train Staff > People Competent

Therefore if a company is a FPAA member and wants to be conduct compliant then they must have competent staff.

Warrick provided a series of notes on this matter.

[RG] - Ralph reported that a Fire Alarm Technician will carry the Cert III for monthly testing...

Total fire ban restrictions

The Country Fire Authority (CFA), provide general advice on a day of total fire ban.

Fire Restrictions can be applied across most areas of Victoria by CFA, when fire danger is high. Typically this is over the summer period of November through to April. Restrictions are applied in small areas at a time.

Wire-free fire detection systems a reality?

Standards Australia has just published the second edition to Australian Standard, AS4428.9-2006
Fire detection, warning, control and intercom systems - Control and indicating equipment - Requirements for wire-free alarm zone circuits.

This document provides a path for manufacturers to develop or deploy a new range of products not generally available in Australia.

While wire-free alarms are available, they are generally based on overseas technologies or come as an import from the security industry.

Mandatory fire safe cigarettes?

The move in Australia towards fire safe cigarettes is a little closer today with the federal Attorney-General Philip Ruddock agreeing to ask the Treasurer to introduce the standard;

NSW Govt wants fire safe cigarettes mandatory

The New South Wales Government says it hopes cigarettes that self-extinguish when not being smoked will be mandatory in Australia within two years.

NSW Emergency Services Minister Tony Kelly is pushing for Australia to adopt a national standard that would make the reduced fire risk cigarettes mandatory.

He says federal Attorney-General Philip Ruddock has agreed to ask the Treasurer to introduce the standard, which has been adopted in the United States and Canada.

China Fire 2006 Expo & Conference wrap-up

The China Fire Protection Association (CFPA) recently held their annual conference and exposition in Beijing. The conference was held between October 26-29 at the National Agricultural Exhibition Hall.

The Fire Protection Association of Australia (FPA) was represented by a group of 15 people representing various Australian industry bodies, associations and companies.