Australian Standard AS1851:2012 - Published

Australian Standard AS1851:2012 is a completely new edition of the Standard, published on December 3, 2012.

This new edition has been under review for over three years and has received input from a wide range of contributors including Australian Fire Authorities Council (AFAC), Department of Defence, Department of Human Services (Vic), Fire Protection Association Australia, Engineers Australia, Property Council and representatives from Standards Australia Technical Committees.

The Standard also has a new title, changing from "Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment" to "Routine Service of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment".

In addition, there have been a wide range of changes including;

  • Revised Section1, expanded and refined
  • Restructured the documentation to remove redundancy between different sections
  • Amalgamation of like sections (from AS1851:2005) to reflect industry application and simplification
  • Table structure changed to reflect frequency of inspection - improved usability
  • Established improved requirements for end-to-end testing of interfaced systems
  • Addition of a new section for water storage tanks
  • Complete overhaul of the Appendix
  • Combined the previous edition's sections comprising Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems, Fixed Aerosol Systems, Water Mist Systems into a new section titled "Special Hazards Systems".

The overall objective of the Standards Technical Committee (TC-001) was to incorporate new material and improve application of the Standard. This was largely accomplished by a large group of volunteers participating in working groups related to specific sections.

Over the coming months, Firewize will be publishing commentary and supporting information reflecting these changes, users should visit the website or follow us via social media for periodic updates.

Update: 30/11/2012

I am now advised that a copy of the Standard is now available for purchase from the SAI Global Info Store for the following prices;

  • PDF - $223.60
  • Hard Copy - $248.44

For more information, visit the SAI Global online shop -

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